I've loved taking pictures since...forever. Back when my best was a Disc Camera (remember those?) or a 35 mm point-and-shoot, I have always been the one compelled to document the moment. Wanting amazing photos of my beautiful baby girl propelled me to enroll in classes and meet fellow enthusiasts.  My camera allows me to see the world  through a richer lens, and is a passport for connecting with fascinating individuals.

I am available for a limited number of client engagements for photoshoots on location, live musical performances and events. By day I am a human capital professional and manager.. I have over 10 years of volunteering my professional photography services for two organizations I love dearly, the Library of Congress and TEDx Charlottesville and other non-profits.

Helping people to develop and grow is one of my passions,  Capturing their special moments, emotions and memories as life unfolds is another.. I am surrounded both by natural beauty and interesting people. One of the reasons I love photography is that it requires me to slow down and see. I shoot what moves me, so my portfolio is diverse.  As my vision sharpens, I create visual stories, details, memories and new connections only possible through this connection with photography.  Didn't see this coming, but I am grateful for it.


The freedom to explore new places, meet new people and bring stories to life...